A5 “Super Muslimah” notebook


A5 “Super Muslimah” notebook, cartoon print design in luscious pink.

Beautiful quality premium notebook with 36 plain pages. Perfect for journaling, jotting down notes, writing lists. Makes a lovely gift.

Made from FSC environmentally friendly paper and inks and made in the UK.

♥ A5 Size: 148mm x 210mm (5.83″ x 8.27″)
♥ 350gsm premium cover – material sourced from sustainable sources.
♥ Cover is printed outside front and outside back.
♥ 36 plain pages, 90gsm uncoated recycled.

Women in Palestine project!

We have some new products coming soon insha’Allah, made by women in Palestine from Bethlehem, Hebron and Gaza.
I hope insha’Allah to provide an opportunity to promote and sell beautiful pieces they create, to all my Smart Ark customers.

All the pieces are hand stitched in their homes using the traditional Palestinian method of cross stitch called Tatreez, which is passed down through generations. The products are made to order and will be available in about a month’s time insha’Allah.

These women are living in difficult conditions due to the ongoing war and occupation. They have little or no income and depend on sales as a main source of revenue for their families. Many women suddenly become breadwinners due to becoming widowed, or the men are imprisoned, disabled deported or cannot find work.

Where Smart Ark Products Are Made

We have a range of products made in various countries, and we try are very best to be as ethical as we possibly can. Our Fair trade products are made in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The fair trade companies have a completely different work model, where workers from all backgrounds and religions, can work in a safe environment with good working conditions and have access to health care and other benefits to their local communities.


Fairtrade crochet dolls being knitted in Bangladesh

Other countries that we  manufacture in are China, Turkey,  and very recently, right here in the UK. We have a good relationship with our partners and Alhamdulilah very fortunate that we can manufacture products that fit are ethical requirements.



Fairtrade dolls made in Sri Lanka




Award winning factory in China

With regards to manufacturing in China, some may see this as a not so ethical option. Perhaps 10 or 20 years ago maybe, but China has come along way and there are many good factories out there, if you look for them. If you want the cheapest prices and cheapest quality, and no questions asked about who has made the products, then of course you will find the cheapest prices and cheapest quality.


However at Smart Ark we only work with reputable manufactures who have good work ethics and have in fact won industry awards.
All of our products made in China are made from recycled materials, and some are completely wood free. And of course, you get what you pay for, that is why so many people always comment on the excellent quality of Smart Ark products.

New books coming soon

New Book! I am working on –
Books on the Prophet’s of Allah, but written by your child.
Your child will read the brief story (or do their own research) and write it in their own words to complete their very own book!
Includes stickers.
I am still working on the books and insha’Allah will be available in 3-5 months

new books